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In the military, when a mission goes sideways and you find yourself lost, separated from your squad without supplies or direction, the rally point is a pre-designated meet-up location. The place where you find your people, get reorganized, make a new plan and get back out there.

This is what we want to be for you. All of the experiences you’ve had in life up to this point led you to this moment. Maybe you’ve stayed pretty much intact…or maybe things are a bit of a mess right now. Maybe YOU even feel like a mess!

We’re here to tell you: bring it. Bring it all. This is a place where you can come to find your people, get reorganized, make a new plan, gain strength of heart and mind and then get back out there! Because the world needs who you were created to be.

Our mission is to help you get back out there, confidently doing what you were made to do. Period.

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