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We started out in 2018 like most studios: with a dream and high hopes and a lot of prayer and like 11% of a plan. The studio was called The Wheelhouse, and the goal was to provide a non-”gym”-ie environment where folks could come to exercise and encourage one another and grow in strength and in heart. We had a good footing, and folks were making progress. Then along came Covid.

Besides the common interruptions of Covid, we were served Federal Trademark Infringement paperwork (we hadn’t even known there was such a thing!) and were told we would have to change our name and completely rebrand immediately. We were totally shocked…

…and it turned out to be a beautiful gift! We were given the opportunity to pause and reflect on what we had been through, what we had learned over the course of 3 years, and who we wanted to be going forward. “The Rally Point” isn’t just a name, it is what we want to be for folks. For you! (Check out Our Mission for the full story)

Now we are 5 years into the adventure, and honestly…we haven’t arrived yet! Turns out the road to success is NOT linear. (If you have read this far, then you can probably relate.)

Some days we still run on dreams, high hopes, and lots of prayer, but now we have like 68% of a plan and an incredible group of people with which to share the journey! We call that a win, and would sincerely love to have you come be a part of it.

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