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On proclaiming victory..

Ok. I give.

This week, let’s look to others for inspiration and knowledge.

If you’re thinking: “That’s why I’m reading this from you!” then you should know – we all need inspiration! I found it this week in this well-written, personal experience of one man deciding to PROCLAIM VICTORY. Even in the face of heavy, life-shattering events and the prospect of abject failure.

It’s here, and worth a read.

How will you proclaim victory?!

One piece of fruit with breakfast = fist pump? Fill up the water bottle = say “yesssssss” (Napoleon Dynamite style)? Put your workout clothes in a bag in your car = little happy dance back into the house? Make eye contact with your kiddo = big, squinty-eyed smile?! Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier = deep belly breath? Write that happy thought on a post-it note, put it on your mirror = tap it as you leave the bathroom?

As for the Fruit & Veggie Tales, ⅔ kids went back for seconds on the vegetable-laden soup last night, and I definitely happy-danced at the table while their backs were turned! Every serving counts.

Grab the recipe here.

Here’s to VICTORY this week!